In today‚Äôs market, all steel fabricators envision methods to reduce overhead and maximize profitability, especially methods that do not impact or significantly impact the availability of cash.  This has to begin with accurate estimates and then continue throughout the fabrication process and final delivery with under budget material costs and labor hours.  We offer over 80 years of extensive experience in estimating, project management and the development of processes and procedures.  We have owned and operated steel fabrication companies in three different countries and have performed Audits in five different countries. 

Being a company that can offer products from several areas can mean the difference between constantly searching for work, lowering your profit margin to gain that work, or being able to choose the next project based on probable maximum profit margin.  Our rates are very competitive and well within the overall cost of in-house, full time Managers.

We differentiate ourselves from other consultants in our industry today.  Not only can we offer the ability to supply quality manuals and procedural documentation, but we can also offer assistance in the implementation of those processes and procedures through evaluation of preferred processes and training of personnel.

Although we are not limited to any specific area of the process, we can evaluate a particular system and provide recommended solutions that will provide immediate results.  Areas of interest are not limited and can be divided into the following areas:

Estimating Services
Production Services
Internal Audit and Certification
Manufacturing Engineering

The above areas of interest have been tabulated for your convenience.  We are available at any time off-site, via the Internet, cell phone and/or telephone conferencing and on-site to be of assistance.